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#12: What’s the frequency?

Image: http://nextgenwalkthroughs.com/Batman_Arkham_AsylumHard difficulty guide. After several weeks of home learning, it’s been yet more change to get back into the routine of being in school – and let’s not forget that this version of ‘routine’ and ‘normal’ now includes twice-weekly COVID testing, wearing masks in school and applying antibac gel to pretty much everything. It […]

#11: ONE

Image: Adam Court & Sharon Court Last week on 23rd March 2021, the UK marked a national day of reflection and remembrance on the first anniversary of the UK’s first national lockdown as a result of COVID-19. So much has happened between then and now; some of it you might have forgotten, some of it […]

#10: Tacking

Image: https://www.sunsail.co.uk/destinations/uk/portsmouth The bitter cold of the last two weeks has finally eased off. Daffodils are bursting from the ground all over the place, waving at the crocuses which gave us our first encouraging signs of spring. And best of all the infection rate for COVID has dropped significantly over the last few weeks – although […]

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